HP Cylinder Oil

Performance benefits :

  • Excellent oiliness and film strength
  • High viscosity index
  • Suitable for use in wet and saturated steam engines
  • Resists the washing effect of moisture in steam engine cylinders


Special Features :

  • CYNDOL grades are recommended for cylinder lubrication of steam engines. They are formulated from specially treated high viscosity index, heavy viscosity base stocks having enhanced lubricating properties and thermal stability.
  • They have excellent oiliness and film strength characteristic, maximum resistance to washing effect of moisture and excellent load carrying ability.
  • CYNDOL TC grades are compounded with special fatty oil and contain adhesive agent.


Appearance Dark
Copper Strip, Corrosion At 100ºC For 3 Hours 1
Density @ 29.5ºC, g/cc 0.895
Flash Point, COC, ºC >260
Pour Point, ºC <6
Saponification Value, mg KOH / g 10-12
Kin. Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt 750-850
Kin. Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt 44
Viscosity Index >90