HP General Purpose Machinery Oil

Performance benefits :

  • Pro-environment as it is made using component of recycled base stocks
  • Very good for ‘once through’ application

Application : General purpose lubricants for 'once through' application situation in textile mills, paper mills and machine tools. Application of all purpose lube oil results in lower carbon footprint as the product is blended using recycled & reprocessed used oil.

Special Features : HP MACHINERY OILS are lubricating oils intended for general lubrication of industrial machinery. They are manufactured from combination of recycled & reprocessed base stocks plus select virgin base stocks fortified with additives.


Packages 26 Lt, 210 Lt.(Steel Drums)
Usage Industrial
Pack Type Durm
Pack Size 100 Ltr, 500 Ltr. Etc
Form Liquid
Brand HP

Physico-chemical Properties

Parameters 68 150
Viscosity, Kinematic, @ 40oC, Cst 68 150
Viscosity Index 90 90
Flash Point, Coc, oC, Min 190 190
Pour Point, oC, Max 0 0