HP Rust Preventive Oil

Salient features :

  • Easy to apply and remove using degreasing agents.
  • Can be removed by wiping off with rags/waste soaked in SKO/MTO/Alkaline degreasents or solvent degreasing methods
  • After evaporation of solvent RUSTOP 273 films are fully compatible with subsequently applied lubricants
  • Suitable for use just before parts that are packaged for storage or shipment    Provides long term protection under more adverse conditions with formation of heavy duty thin film.


Appearance Clear
Packaging Type Bucket, Barrel, Drum
Purity (Percentage) 100%
Flash point 20 Degree C
Brand HP
Application Industrial Lubricant

Physico-chemical Properties

Properties Min Max
Appearance Clear Clear
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40oC , Cst 7 9 7 9
Flash Point oC 58 -
Water Displacement Test Passes -
Copper Strip Corrosion, At 3hrs, 100oC, Astm, Max - 1