HP Spray Oil

General Description :

  • Mineral oil, emulsified to mix in water
  •  Broad –spectrum insecticide and mitiside
  • Acts upon contacts, by suffocation and disrupting other physical processes
  • Sold as liquid concentrates
  • No residual effects


Areas of Use : For control of European Red Mite in apples, outdoors on woody ornamentals and fruit trees including roses, shade trees, bushes, some evergreens and other hardy shrubs


Benefits :

  • Effective pest control at low costs
  • Variety of pests controlled simultaneously
  • No build of immunity
  • Optimized boiling range and non-phytotoxic
  •  Friendly to natural animals (beneficial insects)
  •  Negligible toxicity to humans and other vertebrates
  •  Imparts sheen to treated plants/fruit
  • Easily forms emulsion even in cold climate


Precautions :

  • While spraying always stand behind the wind; do not let the spray come in contact with mouth,eyes, nose, skin and clothing
  • Wash hands and face with clean water and soap before eating.
  • After spray job take shower and put on clean clothing. Wash work clothes thoroughly.
  • Do not use oil sprays or lime Sulphur sprays when freezing weather is predicted or when foliage is wet (sprays should have time to dry before rainfall or heavy dew forms)
  • Do not use in hot weather (over 38°C), under dry conditions
  • To prevent injury to plants, agitate the mix while spraying to keep the oil properly emulsified
  • Do not dispose HP HMO in rivers, canals and waterways


First Aid :

  • Wash exposed body part several times with clean water and soap
  • If swallowed or ingested otherwise seek medical attention


Appearance Clear
Colour 2
Low Temp. Emulsion Test Passes
Freeze Test (Low Temp Stability) Passes
Pour Point °C -6.0 Max
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) 10-25
Brand HP